How to Make Scottish Tablet in The Microwave

published by goldie77 on Jun 11, 2010

An extra easy recipe to make delicious tablet in the microwave – it only takes minutes.

Caution- Take care when making tablet because the bowl can get very hot in the microwave and the tablet in liquid form is very hot. Especially take care if children are helping you make it. They should not be allowed to lift the bowl from the microwave and you should hold the bowl steady for them if they are mixing.


1lb of caster sugar

4 oz of Butter (unsalted or slightly salted)

1 small tin of evaporated milk


LARGE NON-metallic bowl

wooden spoon

knife and spoon


dish or tray to put tablet in


Mix together all the ingredients and put into microwave for 5 minutes 40 seconds if you have a 800 watt microwave, 6 minutes if it’s less powerful. You may have to finetune this to suit your microwave but this is a guide time. The mixture should be bubbly and look like it will boil over the top of the bowl when you take it out. This is why you need a large bowl.

Mix the melted ingredients together well and then put back into the microwave for a further 5 and a half to six minutes. Be careful not to burn the tablet and this will happen if you leave it too long.

Take care lifting out the hot tablet. Beat until it crystalises.This part must not be shortened as the tablet will not set properly if you don’t beat it well enough. You will know it’s ready when it starts to thicken and crystalise. At this point scrape it into a tray or dish and with a wet spatula smooth over the top and divide into squares.

Tip – hot tablet liquid is delicious poured over icecream or little pieces mixed into vanilla icecream are awesome!

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