10 Uses for Bread

published by Mitchell Carrington on Feb 28, 2011

Have a loaf of break, find out a few things you can do with it!

Eat It

If you’re hungry, this is a good idea.

Feed Birds or Other Animals

It’s nice to feed things, so why not feed things bread?

Have A Bread Loaf Fight

Got 2 loaves of bread? Invite a friend over, wield the loaves of bread, and fight until the bread is toast!

Make Art

Art is always fun; try soaking the bread with water and making a sculpture.

Donate It

Give the bread to the less fortunate.

Play Catch

Practice your toss and catch by throwing and catching the loaf of bread; it helps if you have a friend to do it with.

Compress Into A Mega-Slice

Take the loaf of bread and squish it into a small compact slice. The Mega-Slice of bread packs as much bread in a slice and a full loaf does.

Do Experiments On It

Science is fun, why not create a hypothesis about bread and explore the possibilities.

Let It Get Hard

See how hard the bread can get over time.

Use As Bait To Catch Fish

Trying to catch fish? Don’t have real bait? Use bread!

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