How to Make “Klepon”?

published by la Femme on Jan 4, 2011

What is Klepon? Klepon is one of the traditional Indonesian Food. The taste is sweet and yummy.

Ingredients :

     * 300 grams glutinous rice flour
     * 200 ml coconut milk
     * 2 tsp water whiting
     * 150 grams of brown sugar, crushed (to taste)
     * 125 ml water and pandan leaves suji (125 ml water + pandan paste)
     * 1 / 3 grated coconuts
     * salt to taste.

How to make :

    1. Steam the grated coconut and salt about 15 minutes
    2. Heat the coconut milk and suji leaf water until lukewarm
    3. Knead flour warm sticky rice with coconut milk, a little, add water whiting, stir and knead until dough can be formed
    4. Form the dough into the dots, fill with brown sugar, round again
    5. Boil water, put dots of dough. If it floats, lift and roll on top of shredded coconut that has been steamed.

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