Mixing Methods for Quick Breads

published by Dawn marie on Jan 30, 2011

There are three ways of mixing flour mixtures for quick breads.

1.Muffin method.This is condsidered the easiest of the three methods.There are three basic steps.

*Mix all the dry ingredients-the flour,,salt,leavning,salt,sugar and many more depends of what you want,to distrubute the leavening and the salt thoroughly and to aerate the mixture

*Whisk the wet ingredients together- eggs,oil, or melted butter,honey,molasses,milk or buttercreamm or fruit juice.Brown sugar is often included with the wet ingredients.While it is a dry ingredient,it is added to the liquid ingredients for better blending because of its coarse grains.

*Combine the two mixtures-the wet and the dry ingredients-by folding briefly,just enough to moisten the dry ingredients.Use a wooden spoor or rubber spatula.The mixture is supposed to be lumpy.Do not overmix,for overmixed batters yield tough,uneven-shaped products.

It should be emphasized that mixing 1 and 3 mixtures should be as brief as possible.So mixing the two sets of ingredients separately should be thorough.

Chopped nuts or fruits may be tossed with the dry ingredients or folded gently near the end of the mixing.

2.Creaming Method.Have all ingredients at room temperature.

*Beat butter with sugar until light and fluffy.

*Beat in the eggs.

*Add dry ingredients alternately with the liquie ingredients,starting and ending with the flouor.First,add 1/3 of the dry ingredients,1/2 of the liquid ingredients then add 1/3 of the dry ingredients ,the second half of the liquid and the last third of the dry ingredients.

The product is supposed to have fine texture like cakes.

3.Biscuit Method.

*Dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

*Butter or shortening is cut into the flour mixture.

*Wet ingredients are mixed in.Mix briefly to avoid developing the gluten which toughens the product.

(NOTE: Bake quick breads,no matter what the shape is,until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Mini muffins are bake in 10 to 12 mintues.Standard size muffins are bake in 10 to 18 minutes.Jumbo muffins are baked in 22 to 25 minutes.)

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