How to Decorate a Cake with Icing!

published by vksarahs1 on Mar 12, 2012

Decorating A Cake With Icing!

Have you ever gone to go put icing on your cake and all of a sudden you’ve taken a perfectly good cake and turned it into a crumbly mess? I will tell you exactly how to decorate a cake with Icing so you’re left with a work or art rather something that looks like your kid’s art project! As simple as it sounds most people have issues with icing a cake and so I’m here to show you just how to decorate your cake with icing!
First we need to start off with a cake that is level and cooled properly! If your cake isn’t cool you’re going to end up with crumbs in your icing so make sure you allow yourself enough time in advance to cool it down! If you place your cake on a turntable it should make you life much simpler but if you don’t have one it’s ok you’ll just have to place it on something like a piece of cardboard that you can turn easily. Icing your cake is simple if you use these tips, first thin you’re icing with about 3-4 tbsp. Of corn syrup, using a spatula get enough icing on the spatula and glide the icing over the cake, the more you have on the spatula the less the actual spatula is going to touch your cake, this keeps crumbs to a a minimum!
If you want to ice your cake using a pipe bag, try using a Featherweight bag with tip 789, if you fill the bag half way and hold it at 45 degree angle and squeeze with the tip while pressing it lightly against the cake you can use a spiral motion to cover the top of the cake using this motion until you get to the outside edge of the cake, once done with the top moving to the side ( this isn’t hard I promise ) take your cake and pipe around the sides while you turn your cake, once you have iced your cake, now you need to smooth it down, use a spatula dipped in hot water to smooth the surface, wipe it clean for each time you run it over the cake to ensure no sticking a even flow. Make sure if you’re going to decorate on top of your icing that you allow the cake to crust over for at least 15 minutes!
Learning how to decorate specific types of cakes is sometimes hard if you’re using improper tools or types of icing so use your due diligence when you’re attempting to make a certain creation! Some icings dry differently, some are soft, some harden allowing you to decorate on top of your icing. If you’re planning on piping on a decoration using a softer icing this isn’t a great idea, the lines and design won’t be as pronounced or as pretty so using something like Quick-Pour Fondant is a good way to start! Doing a bit of research on the types of icing will help you get the results you looking for!
Now that you know how to decorate a cake with icing show the one you love how much you care! No need to stick a bunch of candles in the cake to cover up the mistakes anymore, have fun, be confident and get icing!

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