How to Make Some Cake Decorations for a Child Spy, Secret Agent Birthday Cake

published by Canadamom on Oct 18, 2011

A simple selection of items to make. Take a look at my blog for all my party ideas. The end result of the cake will be on there too as soon as it is made.

I have been trying to think of a great idea for his birthday Cake.  I am no trained cake decorator but have had a few goes in the past and have helped my nannan when she has made a few cakes.  If you are good at being creative these are relatively easy to make.

I wont tell you exactly how I plan to use these yet as it will spoil the end result so you will have to check back in later for the final picture when it is all complete.

I didnt want a flat cake so decided to model items that a spy would probably have.  Ie a Camera, Iphone,  Pen, Passport, sunglasses, magnifying glass, telescope, document file with paper etc.  You can make pretty much anything.

First of all to make the items buy some Wilton rolled fondant.  I purchased a 5lb box so that I have enough to do the whole cake but you only need a small amount for the decorations.  Take a hand full size (wrap the rest back up securly with cling film and put in a ziplock back to keep airtight to keep soft and fresh)  Add the gel colours you are planning to use.  In my case Black and constantly keep mixing it together.  You usually only need the smallest amount but black you tend to need more than usual and it still only goes to a dark grey colour. 

For small delicate items just mould to the shapes you want and leave them to dry.  Larger items like the phone and camera I cut a small block of rice crispie cereal bar and then wrapped in fondant.  Since they were bigger I would have had to use a large piece to make them otherwise.

Whilst working with fondant it is best to roll onto an area lightly sprinkled with icing sugar to stop it sticking to the worktop. Also sprinkle some on top to stop your rolling pin and fingers sticking to it.  If it feels a bit dry just dab slightly with a bit of water.  To join edges of the fondant together you can add a dab of water to on your finger and smooth the areas together.

Once my items were dry and hard I painted them to make them Black.  If you have the colour you want you dont need to paint them but if you do want black just use the gel and a paint brush to darken the fondant.

Here is a photo of my items made below.  These took me just a little over an hour to make in total so far.  I just need to attatch the magnifying glass handle and they are done.  Not a long time to make them at all!

As you can see some areas on a few items still need painting as I could not do all of the areas in one go otherwise I would have had black fingers.  It will just take a few minutes when they are dry to do the other areas.  Then they just need to be left out for a few days to go hard.

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