Kids and Chocolate Cake

published by Mini Bhatia on Sep 22, 2011

Some interesting facts about chocolate and a message for moms to bake!

Like me, do you mothers ever wonder about the magic and mystery of chocolate. Once introduced, the taste is fully developed. No rubbing in or trying different versions required. Every and anything at mealtimes can be chocolate. Ice – cream…chocolate, wafers…chocolate, shake…chocolate and cake…well take a guess!

We have chocoholics for kids and the kitchen never runs out of coco powder. By the way did you know that Christopher Columbus in 1502, on his last voyage to the New World chanced upon a canoe transporting agricultural products. One of them was chocolate/cacao beans. The contents were seized and taken back to Spain. Decades came and went before the Spaniards added sugar to cacao. The rest, as they say is history!

On one of my chocolate hunts I discovered that a scientist named Spencer and a bar of chocolate in his pocket led to the invention of microwaves! He happened to stroll through when micro waves were being experimented with. The chocolate bar melted and he realized that magnetron ( tube generating micro waves) can be used to cook food. Howzz that!

They say that chocolate is a natural anti-depressant and is rich in iron and magnesium required by the body. It’s melting point is just below our body temperature, that’s why it melts in our mouth.

Well moms, things are written,things are said; the best thing is to enjoy this sinful tongue teaser in moderation. Chocolate cakes need to be baked. Kids need to try and reach that cake box cupboard on their toes. The house needs that coco fragrance emerging from the oven. What’s growing up without a sweet and spongy slice of chocolate cake. So for your kid’s sake, bake bake and bake!

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