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Beet (beetroot) – for each of the vegetable garden near. Beets phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. Beets are C, PP, B1, B2, vitamins. It is the vegetable of iodine, so it is advisable to eat beets thyroid disease. 
Have a glass of beet juice, an hour after the decrease in blood magnesium in the juice. The ripple effects of the day, therefore, it is recommended that beetroot juice with high pressure in humans. 
Beetroot and yet that is the flavonoids. These substances affect antioxidants in the body neutrolizuoja free radicals that can damage body cells and cardiovascular diseases, cancer. 
Advised to eat beets and anemia in humans. 

The kitchen are made from fresh beet salad, beetroot soup, side dishes, sauces. as well as dried and preserved. Food & beetroot pigment dye substances in food products. 
 ancient times, consumed the scorbutic beets, and other vitamin deficiency prevention. Consumption and beet leaves, which have more vitamin C (up to 50 mg%) roots and a lot of carotene – A. Especially suitable for beetroot, suffering from anemia. Treatment of anemia of equal parts of red beet, carrot and radish juice mixture. Such mixtures are recommended for several months after the 1-2 tablespoons daily before meals. Scurvy and anemia and can be pickled beets. 
Beet fiber and organic acids, promotes intestinal peristalsis, and chronic constipation food offered every day after 100 to 150 grams of cooked beets. When the constipation persists, made beet liquor enema. Beetroot betaine organic matter, and it helps to absorb the food proteins, with the formation of choline. promotes liver cell activity and improves liver function, and beets to use as a dietary product for liver diseases. 
Beetroot almost all vegetables mainly from iodine. Therefore, they are very sick and atherosclerosis in humans. Fresh beetroot juice is like drugs, improve metabolism and strengthen the body. Not for nothing advise them to drink, the face is nice and bright. Boiled beets with hypertonic disease, they have a lot of magnesium, which lowers blood pressure. Folk medicine for high blood pressure and as a sedative for oral use of beet juice mixed with half (half a cup 3-4 times a day). beet juice, rinse the cavity, and the sloguojama thick secretions. Sometimes the regular batter fresh roots when dry, put on the sores and abscesses, to reduce the inflammation.

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