Carrot is The Best Gift of Winter Season

published by Muhammad Irfan Zafar on Oct 9, 2012

Carrot is considered among the vegetables of winter season. It is very much beneficial to health because of the vitamins and health ingredients it contains. Its usage helps in making blood. Carrot is considered as the best among the root-vegetables because of its nutrients.

Vitamins are in great quantity in it. Its continuous usage increases the growth of blood in the body. Body turns out to be stronger and meaty. Latest researches also prove all the above stated benefits.

The carrot is very much beneficial for the deficiency of blood (anemia) patients if used regularly. Carrot makes the temperament lively; excrete phlegm from the lungs and helps in the excretion of waste matters from the kidneys. Carrots can be used in different ways to get these benefits. Its juice is drunk, whereas the jam and sweetmeat provide nutrients as well as work as medicine simultaneously.

If you want to eat raw carrots, take small, soft and fresh carrots. Wash them thoroughly with water. Now chew them thoroughly without peeling their skin. Taking carrots after meal or in the third quarter of the day is useful. Cook carrots as a curry with meat, potato, peas or fenugreek on slight fire. Cooking them on high fire is not suitable.

There are lots of vitamins in carrots, which besides providing health, help in making the skin beautiful. According to the latest research, carrots are also used in the preparation of creams and face masks responsible for making the skin fresh.

It plays an important role in removing the dryness and sensitivity of the skin. You can also make face mask with carrots by your own. Boil the carrots, then cool them and grind them thoroughly and apply them on face as a face mask. Your face will start glowing only after using it for few weeks.

The juice of carrots is also very beneficial. It purifies the blood. Carrots enhance the eye-sight. Consuming one carrot in the morning and one in the evening reduces the number of your eye-glasses and make your eyes healthier too.

Carrot is very beneficial against diseases such as rheumatic, phlegm, blood problems and stones in the bladder etc. Carrot is also anti-constipation. The sweetmeat of carrots makes the body meaty. It is beneficial for waist-ache and weakness of kidneys. Chewing of carrots is also useful for the safety of teeth and gums.

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The above article has been researched from various sources such as:

The 10 Benefits of Carrots

Note: The above information has been taken from medical journals and different other sources and it is only for informational purposes and should not be taken as Medical Advice by any mean. It is always safe to better consult your physician first before acting upon any of the piece of advice given above.

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