Eggplant, Which is Believed as an Anticancer Drug Strong

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ONE more food easily available and cheap, but very many properties for health. Eggplant is a nutrient-rich foods that can lower blood cholesterol, contain anti-cancer agent, as a means of contraception, and believed to increase libido.

Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) is native to tropical regions thought to have come from Asia, especially India and Burma. From the region, eggplant and then spread to China in the 5th century. From China subsequently disseminated to the Caribbean, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa, South America, and other tropical areas.

Next eggplant spread also to subtropical countries, like Spain and other countries in the European region. Because the area is very wide spread, the term for eggplant very wide range, namely Eggplant, gardenegg, aubergine, melongene, eierplant, or eirefruch.

Type Eggplant
Eggplant is one type of fruit vegetables are popular in various circles. Eggplant plants, including one family with takokak plant (Solanum torvum), Leunca (Solanum nigrum), tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and potato (Solanum tuberosum). Eggplant can be grown successfully at an altitude of up to 1,200 meters above sea level.

Eggplant flowers are hermaphrodite flowers, ie androgynous. In one there is interest genitals male (stamens) and female genitalia (the pistil). Eggplant flowers shaped like stars, blue or violet, bright to dark. Flower pollination can take place in cross-and self-pollinated.

Eggplant fruit is a single real fruit, thick fleshy, soft, and watery. Fruit depending on fruit stalk. In general, there is one single stalk eggplant fruit, but there also has more than one fruit. Seeds found in large quantities and spread over the fruit flesh. Leaf sheath attached to the base of fruit, green or purple.

Eggplant fruit is very diverse, both in shape, size, or color, depending on varieties. In terms of fruit shape, some round, round-half-long and round. Fruit size varies from small, medium, and large.

Fruit skin color varies from purple, whitish green, white, purple and white, and black or purple. Inside the fruit are seeds in large quantities, flat, light brown. Seeds are the reproductive or generative propagation.

Common types of eggplant which is eggplant Wren traded, eggplant kopeks, craigi eggplant, eggplant field, bogor eggplant, and Japanese eggplant. Wren is generally made eggplant salad, so it is often also referred to as the eggplant salad. The fruit is a small round purple or purplish white, crunchy texture, it feels unpleasant but not bitter.

Kopeks eggplant has a long round fruit shape, the apex blunt, straight, purple, green, purple, or green. It’s a bit sweet and the texture of soft flesh.
Eggplant fruit craigi have elliptical (straight or curved), purple or mauve, and the ends tapered. Eggplant elliptical field, it’s green and white striped, sweet but slightly sour.

Bogor eggplant has a large round fruit, which is also known as eggplant coconut. It is white or whitish green, crunchy texture, taste slightly sweet and slightly bitter (chocolate). In addition to local varieties, in Indonesia also introduced varieties widely planted eggplant, which originated from abroad. Introduced varieties, most notably Japanese eggplant.

Japanese Eggplant has a variety of forms, ie cylindrical, oval, oval or round, as well as skin color purple to dark purple shiny. Japanese eggplant varieties are very well known is the moneymaker 2 and black shine.

Currently in Indonesia widely planted hybrid eggplant varieties. The advantage is high production of hybrid varieties, crispy and soft texture, it feels good, and has a high resistance to pests and plant diseases. Examples of hybrid varieties: Farmers long and extra long (from Taiwan); early bird, the black dragon, vista, long tom, and money maker 2 (from Japan).

Prevent Hypertension
Eggplant nutritional composition varies widely, depending on variety, planting location, and fruit maturity when harvested. Although all three types of vegetables are close relatives, little different nutritional composition. Tekokak and Leunca had higher levels of energy, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C is higher than the eggplant.

Eggplant excellence lies in the levels of potassium (potassium) high, which is about 217 mg/100 g, and levels of sodium (sodium) is very low, ie 3 mg/100 g. High levels of potassium and low sodium very beneficial for health, particularly in the prevention of hypertension.

In addition, eggplant contains food fiber amounts of quite a lot, namely 2.5 g/100 g, so good for the maintenance of the digestive tract. Vitamins are quite prominent in the eggplant is folic acid, with levels of 19 micrograms per 100 grams of material.

In terms of economics, eggplant has a value higher than tekokak and Leunca. Eggplant processed form is also more varied, so are preferred by the public.

Only a Myth
Suggestion that a man should not eat eggplant because it can decrease libido is a myth. The myth arose because the associate men’s sexual organs with eggplant is soft texture and sluggish due to the cooking process. The presumption is simply not true. Conversely, in the eggplant fruit contained vital substances that actually beneficial to health, including in matters of sex.

Traditionally, the eggplant plants used as medicine for the treatment of swollen gums, inflammation of the mouth, hemorrhoids, ulcers on the nose, fractured bones, facilitating urine, and fever. It is still practiced in many areas today.

Eggplant skin contains many flavonoids and other antioxidants, which can help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Eggplant also contains terpenes that can lower cholesterol levels. A study using guinea pigs showed that administration of eggplant juice can lower cholesterol and improve blood flow.

Eggplant fruit also contains chlorogenic acid compounds (chlorogenic acid), which is one type of antioxidant, which according to some research results have anticancer activity, antimicrobial, and antiviral, as well as have the ability to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Eggplant also known to contain trypsin inhibitors, which is a component that is believed to help neutralize cancer-causing cells.

Several types of eggplant, such as Solanum khasianum, Solanum laciniatum, and Solanum grandiflorum, is known to contain alkaloid compounds in sufficient quantities in the form solasodin high, ie between 2.0 to 3.5 percent. These compounds can be used as raw materials for oral contraceptives, as a pill for the sake of family planning programs.

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