How to Clean Your Pit Latrine?

published by kalule Arthur on Jan 9, 2012

Usually we spend so much on disinfectants just to get rid of the bad smell in our pit latrine, there’s a much more simpler solution to this problem that gives the best results with little or no expenses incurred.

Today as I speak there are so many disinfectants on the market use for cleaning pit latrines, am however going to show you how to clean your pit latrine and how to get rid of the bad smell too without the use of disinfectants.

Add a detergent to clean water to enhance the cleaning effect. With the help of a scrubbing brush, scrub the floor of your pit latrine. Rinse the floor with clean water and with the help of a squeezer or mop stick, dry the floor. Leave the latrine door open for some time for the water to dry. Meanwhile go and look for dry banana leaves.

Gather up some few, the more the better. After the floor of your latrine has dried fold the banana leaves I n such a manner that they do not slip through the pit latrine hole. Fit the banana leaves in the hole of your pit latrine but make sure that they only go throughout it slightly but not entirely. The purpose of this is that as the banana leaves burn, part of the smoke goes into the pit latrine before it finally ascends.

After this you can now light up the banana leaves, if you have trouble starting the fire you can light up a piece of paper first and place on top of within the banana leaves. Take care not to stand so close to the fire as it can get so intense and cause accidents.

Depending on the distance of your door from the burning banana leaves, you may or may not close it but it is better if you close the door. If it is very close to the burning leaves don’t close it to avoid it from burning.

 After the banana leaves have burnt to completion, you can now first spread the ashes from the burnt banana leaves on the entire floor before finally disposing the off. Sweep the floor of your pit latrine with a soft broom. (Soft brooms have better cleaning effect on floors).

The floor of your pit latrine might not look so clean because of the burnt ashes but I do not recommend cleaning the floor again with clean water, it’s like removing the recipe.

You can now use your pit latrine free of any bad odours.  The main secret of this method is smoking your latrine.

This method of cleaning a pit latrine is better than that where disinfectants are used. This method removes the bad smell and replaces it with a very good scent. Disinfectants at times if not most of the time replace the bad smell of the pit latrine with their strong one, some of the disinfectants have a very pungent smell which could also be harmful to your health.

The only challenge with this method of cleaning a pit latrine is that it stains the walls with soot. If you have white painted walls, then know what to expect.

This is a very natural method of cleaning your pit latrine, if you have been wondering how to remove the bad odour form your pit latrine, here is how you can do that. Try it today, you will have no regrets.

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