How to Make – Cake Aux Olives – 70 Mins – 394 Kcal

published by ad2009 on Feb 21, 2010

A savoury cake made from olives, gruyere cheese and ham.

ingredients(serves 4)

130g plain flour

2 eggs

50g pitted black olives

180g ham

180g gruyere

40ml olive oil

50ml white wine

2g baking powder



chopping board





cheese grater


mixing bowl

loaf tin

wire rack

baking parchment

fine sieve

rubber SPATULA

lets cook :

  • start by preheating the oven to 180 degrees
  • prepare chopping board and knife
  • rougly chop the ham into small pieces
  • chop up the black olives
  • prepare cheese greater and a bowl
  • thinly grate the cheese into the bowl
  • prepare bowl and a whisk
  • break the eggs into the bowl and beat them
  • prepare sieve mixing bowl and whisk
  • place the fine sieve over the bowl
  • put 130g of plain flour and 2g of baking powder into the sieve and sift them through the bowl
  • add the beaten eggs and 40ml of olive oil to the sifted flour
  • use the whisk to mix the ingredients
  • add the chopped ham , olives and grated cheese
  • add 50ml white wine and using the spatular stir it up
  • prepare loaf tin and baking parchment
  • line the loaf tin with a sheet of baking parchment
  • pour the cake mix into the loaf tin
  • put the loaf in the over for 45 mins
  • prepare wire rack
  • when the cake has baked , take out of the oven and allow it to cool without removing it from the loaf tin
  • remove the loaf tin and discard the baking parachment and enjoy the cake

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