How to Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

published by sherkaren on Sep 28, 2011

How to remove dark circles under your eyes?

Each of us are recent infection In consequence, lack of sleep or because of genetic predisposition dark circles under the eyes. Regardless of whether we are guilty in the appearance of dark circles or not, there are some simple and completely natural way to get rid of them.

Slices of fresh cucumber.
This is an old proven remedy that has been used for centuries to get rid of bruises and two circles under glazami.Srezhte a ring of fresh cucumber, sit back and put the slices on your eyes. Let such a pack is in front for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, removing the cucumber with the eye, you notice that the puffiness and swelling of the century almost disappeared, and the dark circles become smaller.

In order to get rid of dark circles, you can use saline solution. You can easily do it yourself by mixing two cups of cool water with a teaspoon of common salt and a teaspoon of baking soda. Saline drip in his nose to clear sinuses. This will help clear the nasal passages and relieve stress and remove dark circles.

Take the potatoes and chop it in the blender. Then put mashed potatoes on the eyelids for half an hour. Wash this mask with cool water.

Cold spoon.
Another effective way to help you reduce dark circles under the eyes – a chilled spoon. Put the spoon in the freezer, and then lie down and attach to the lower lids spoons until they equilibrated. This will help you dramatically reduce dark circles.

Bags with black tea.
Too good, proven way. Take chilled brewed black tea bags and apply to closed eyes. Leave the bags on the eyelids for 15 minutes

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