Is Cucumber Juice Good for You?

published by Agrippina on Jan 3, 2011

A glass of cucumber juice contains over 95% water, and the rest is potassium, manganese, silica, sulfur, folate, vitamins C and A and chlorophyll – so, all in all, there are a lot of reasons why cucumber juice is good for you, and very few reasons to stay away from it, except for one: it doesn’t taste very good.

It’s not bad, either – in fact, cucumber juice doesn’t taste much like anything at all, but, if I manage to convince you that it’s worth giving it a try, for its health benefits, I’ll also show you at the end some of my favorite recipes to make it bearable. There are virtually no side effects, so it’s safe to use cucumber juice every day, either internally or externally, for cosmetic purposes. The only thing you should be aware of is that you have to peel the cucumbers. Their skin is very rich in vitamin A, but, unfortunately, almost all cucumbers available in stores these days are waxed on the outside, which is toxic. Once peeled, just put the cucumbers in any normal juicer, you don’t need super-technology to produce this watery drink.

Cucumber juice is especially good for you in summertime, since it’s a good hydrating resource, due to the high content in water. It’s commonly used in Central Asia and the Middle East particularly for this quality. It’s quite refreshing when it’s nicely chilled (you know the saying “cool as a cucumber”? I couldn’t figure it out for a long time, but now I got it – just squeeze and add ice).

Since it’s a good diuretic, cucumber juice may help reduce problems related to high blood pressure, and also kidney issues, including the passing of kidney stones. The potassium I mentioned before helps maintain a beautiful skin, and reduces acne and other inflammations; in some cases, it’s also been reported to have registered good results against eczema and even psoriasis. The combination of sulfur and silica is good for hair and nail growth.

Cucumber juice is highly recommended in weight loss diets. Needless to say, it’s not wise to use it exclusively, but what you might want to do is replace your morning glass of orange juice with cucumber for two or three days a week and enjoy a significant cut in the calorie intake, while still benefiting from a lot of vitamins and minerals.

One of the less known health benefits of cucumber juice is that of pain reliever, with significant and almost immediate effects reported especially by people suffering from arthritis, but also recommended in wide range of painful inflammations.

My top three recipes for cucumber juice

1. Add a few leaves of fresh mint and coriander – about four of each – and a tiny piece of ginger in the cucumber juice. (You can use more ginger if you like it, I’m not a huge fan, so I put just enough to accentuate the taste of the leaves). Put everything in the blender, then chill and enjoy.

2. Juice two cucumbers, four green apples and two to four celery stalks with leaves. Just try it out a few times to determine how much celery you want in, it’s a bit of an acquired taste, so you might want the juice lower on celery in the beginning, and you can add more when you get used to it. Mix it all together and chill, then mix again just before drinking, because the juices have different densities and tend to separate in the container. You’ll get about three glasses using this recipe.

3. Juice two cucumbers and three large carrots, and add a slice of beet. The drink is great for the skin, both cucumbers and carrots have ingredients that will make you shine. The beet is there mostly to add color; don’t add too much of it or it might give you an ulcer.

Cosmetic uses of cucumber juice

So I’ve kept saying that cucumber juice is good for your skin, but you don’t have to drink it, you can apply it directly on the skin for the benefits. Of course, everybody knows that cucumber slices are widely used to reduce puffy bags under the eyes.

If you have oily skin, you can use a mixture of two three parts cucumber juice and one part lemon. Apply it on your face using a cotton pad, leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

For normal skin, use two parts cucumber juice and one part milk, and repeat the procedure described above. Both these mixtures will improve acne symptoms considerably – just don’t expect them to remove already existing acne scars, that’s not possible – but they will prevent the occurrence of new pimples.   

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