Why Diabetics Should Prefer Green Apple to Red Apple

published by asianjade on Jun 26, 2012

Green apple vs. red apple for diabetics.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We actually don’t need this healthy tip to learn to love eating apples. Not only it is packed with nutrients to shield us from illness, it is one of the most delicious fruits. Apples have different varieties but the most popular are the red and green apples.

Red seems to be the most popular color for apple. Remember when we were still kids in school? In our coloring book, we colored our apples with our red crayon. When I started to learn my catechism, I pictured Eve holding a red apple as she was being tempted by the serpent.

Some people however, would choose a green apple rather than a red one. Green apples are more suited to diabetics. It is not too sweet unlike red apples. Diabetics would find it appealing due to its being juicy with a sweet-sour  taste. Since it contains 50% more nutrients, it is more helpful for diabetics in order for them to combat their disease. Lesser sugar too is converted after eating green apple rather than eating a red apple.

Nature has given us so many gifts to stay healthy. Indeed an apple is one of the cheapest but best gifts from nature.

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