The Latest Flavor of The Magnum Ice Cream

published by Sonic Shadow on Apr 14, 2012

The latest flavor of the Magnum Ice Cream.

For Indonesia, the new innovation relies on a blend of Magnum ice cream vanilla with Belgian chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut, and brownies. Three types of food that is considered most likely combined with ice cream and chocolate. Food is also the one who became a favorite of many people in various countries.

Magnum Chocolatier Collection, a brand of ice cream so it mentions three new variants, consisting of Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry, Chocolate Brownie Magnum, and Magnum Golden Hazelnut.

“The sensation is different when you eat vanilla ice cream, it is like to be. Namely through vanilla ice cream but contains chocolate that feels significant, or ice cream with flavors of chocolate-covered strawberries and brownies”.

Chocolatier from Paris who lived in Singapore, Laurent Bernard said, allowing chocolate to be mixed with various types of food such as fruit or ice cream. In addition to providing enjoyment, the mixture of these foods also provide sensation when enjoyed.

“People are looking for food as a form of recreation. Chocolate, either cake or ice cream, capable of meeting the need for people to relax, evoking mood, feel better, and reduce stress. Also enjoy chocolate and a variety of creations into people’s lifestyles, especially among professionals who takes pleasure “.

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