Indonesian Klappertaart

published by onraze on Feb 11, 2010

If you crave for that taste that will remind you of the tropics, Klappertaart and all that yummy coconut in it is just the trick. This recipe was given to me from my grandmother and it’s absolutely delicious.

500 cc milk

100 gr sugar

25 gr all purpose flour

25 gr custard flour

25 gr cornstarch

75 gr butter

3 egg yolks

Coconut meat from 1 coconut (make sure you use young coconut, the old ones have rather chewier meat. Alternatively, you can always use canned coconut, drained.)

50 gr diced walnut, roasted

cinnamon powder



3 egg whites

4 tbs sugar

1 tbs all pupose flour

raisins (soaked in warm water and rum mixture. Not too much rum though)

cinnamon pawder

diced walnut, roasted


Heat 400 cc of milk and sugar.

In a separate container, mix 100 cc of milk with flour, custard, and cornstarch

Pour in the flour-milk mix into the hot sugar-milk mix little by little. Stir continuously as you pour. Bring to a boil, then turn the heat off.

Mix in the butter to the mix, then add the walnuts, cinnamon and a bit of rum.

Mix in the yolks one by one as you stir, then add in the coconut meat

Pour the mix inside small soup cups. Make sure you only fill ¾ of the cup to allow for topping. Bake at 160° for 15 minutes until they ‘set’


Beat eggwhites with a mixer on high speed. Pour in sugar as you do until it’s stiff and shiny. Then mix in the flour with a spatula.

Spread the topping on the cakes; put the raisins, walnuts and the cinnamon on top of the spread.

Put them back in the oven and bake until they turn golden.

Image from Mamafie

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