Konnyaku Cocktail Jelly Recipe

published by Sydney Hazelton on Aug 27, 2010

It was one of those days. I felt like making something in the kitchen. These days are pretty rare for me. But once I have the urge, I just have to act upon it. Today I felt like making jelly for dessert at dinnertime. So, I grabbed my daughter and my wallet, and we headed to buy the ingredients. It’s so simple to make!

1) Konnyaku jelly powder
2) 250g fine sugar
3) 950ml water
4) a can of fruit cocktail
5) optional: colouring

1) Mix well the Konnyaku jelly powder with 250g of fine sugar together.
2) Boil 950ml of water and then SLOWLY pour the mixture into the boiling water. Continue to stir until the mixture dissolves (approximately 8 minutes).
3) Add a drop of colouring into the Konnyaku solution, if you like.
4) Put a few pieces of cut fruit cocktail into a mould and pour the Konnyaku solution into the mould. You can use tiny moulds or large ones.
5) Put the moulds into the refrigerator for 1 hour and serve chilled.

It is a cheap and quick way to make dessert, especially if you don’t have the time. Most of the Konnyaku jelly set very quickly, within an hour. It is something you can whip within minutes before preparing dinner and chill it in the fridge. It will set by the time you finish preparing dinner. Try it!

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