Pudding Chocolate Strawberries

published by aminprasetyo on Mar 18, 2010

Pudding Chocolate Strawberries.

Mixture of chocolate and strawberry lead to different sensations. Especially if the two main ingredients are processed into pudding. The result, was flavor.

700 ml of water
200 gr sugar (one cup or to taste)
7 strawberries
5 tbsp yogurt
1 packet nutrijel chocolate (15 grams)

How to make:
1. Mix the sugar with Nutrijel, enter the water, mix well and cook until boiling.
2. Turn off the fire. Do not forget Nutrijel combine, then mix well.
3. Pour the cooked custard into the pan.
4. Allow to cool, then store it in the fridge.
5th. If it’s cold, can be decorated with fresh strawberry slices on top.
6. Sprinkle with strawberry yogurt.

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