Are You Drinking Too Much Alcohol

published by soraya452 on Apr 7, 2012

You probably are.

You make not even realize it but you may or may not be drinking more alcohol that is recommended in one week. Its not about being a alcoholic, you may think you don’t drink very much because you only drink at the weekend or you only have one glass of wine in the evenings with dinner, but the units will soon add up without you realizing.

Men shouldn’t drink more than 4 units per day that is 21 units per week, Women should drink no more than 3 units per day that adds up to 14 units per week.

But nearly everyone myself included probably drinks twice the recommended weekly allowance on a single night out. If friends or colleagues ask you out for a quick drink do you have the power to say no? Or do you think well one or two won’t hurt? 

However as well as adding up and doing damage to your health it also puts a strain on your bank balance. So next time your invited out for a drink with about how much alcohol you’ve previously drank for that week, or if you know your planning a big Friday night out don’t drink during the rest of the week.

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