How to Distill Alcoholic Beverages Without a Still

published by John Carter on Jul 12, 2009

This tells you how to make alcoholic beverages without still by using the freezing method for concentrating the alcohol.

It is entirely possible to distill alcohol without a still; you can do this by freezing beer or wine. The effect is accomplished by concentrating the alcohol from the water by freezing. As water or water containing fluid freezes the molecules of the alcohol are driven before the freezing edge thereby concentrating the alcohol in the unfrozen portion of the fluid. This technique is being used for centuries to produce a product that was called Winter Wine. Or a more familiar product to some of those who have used this technique is applejack made from hard cider during the coldest part of the winter. All you really need is a suitable wort that has a low alcoholic content and freeze wort in a suitable container during the coldest part of winter, or you can do the same thing with a freezer.

As the fluid containing the alcohol concentrates as it is being frozen it concentrates into the center of the ice mass in a cavity. To get the alcohol out of the ice mass you have to drill a hole through the ice mass into the cavity. After you have drilled the hole you can pour the alcohol out of the ice mass into a suitable container and that is how you can make alcohol without a still.

Using a freezer you can concentrate the alcohol even better than in the winter because you have a constant temperature and you can vary the temperature very simply. The colder that you have the freezer set more concentrated will become the alcohol. The concentration of our call is strictly a function of how cold it is in your freezer. Within reason is entirely possible to fine tune the concentration of alcohol by varying the temperature inside the freezer. Although it is theoretically possible to drive the concentration of alcohol to 100% in practice however, we are not able to reach this level of concentration.

To determine the levels of concentration is either going to be by guesswork or by going to a good library that has a copy of the handbook of physics and chemistry. In this book you can find all sorts of information about alcohol and the levels of concentration that are possible using a freezer. For scientific minded you will have to look under the term cryogenics.

Of course the alternate method is by setting up barrel of some kind of beer or wine outside in the middle of a cold winter. Using this method you don’t have the control possible you have a freezer although this method has been around for centuries before freezers were ever thought of. It does have one advantage in that it seems more folksie than the method using modern freezers.

It really doesn’t make much difference which method you use the end result is going to be a concentrated, potable alcoholic beverage that you can enjoy without having to build a still. You will find that the flavor of the alcohol depends upon how you age it afterwords. It is entirely possible to drink alcohol made in this fashion as you would drink vodka. But if it is aged like a good brandy, or whiskey you will find that it is much more palatable. Enjoy!

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