Perfect Winter

published by arielpaige on Nov 15, 2012

Yes yes yes.

A nice, warm, relaxing bubble bath (Philosophy Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath products are WONDERFUL!), with candles and sexy music.
Apply vanilla-scented lotion when you get out and dry off. Or even Malibu Hemp Lotion.
A cup of hot cocoa wearing nothing but a robe and slippers.
Exactly how every girl needs to end her day. :)

The scent of vanilla.
The taste of chocolate.
The warmth of caramel. 

My 18th birthday is Sunday, December 16. And I want to bake all day! I wanna make all the sweetest sweets you could imagine! haha. Then that evening I want to have a bonfire and smoke cigars and drink whiskey. And of course I’ll be hooking up with my fiance all throughout the day. ;) hahaha! Oh, sounds sooo perfect! I CANNOT wait!! :D

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