The Most Delicious Coffee in The World

published by Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia on May 9, 2012

Coffee enjoyed around the world – some with sugar, others – with cream, some drinking coffee through a straw on the beach, others – piping hot from the tiny cups. Over 600 years of human coffee was invented by depending a lot of ways to enjoy the taste and aroma of the most popular beverage in the world.


Coffee Caribbean

Rating the best coffee in the world opens up coffee Caribbean – a wonderful sweet drink that simply must try one, who is resting (or intends to make this beautiful dream in the near future) somewhere in the Caribbean.

best coffee in the world

In contrast to the continental fantasies, real coffee in the Caribbean is prepared on the basis of individually brewed black coffee, gradually adding a dark rum, brown sugar, coconut milk. Decorate a cup of whipped cream, or – very rarely – chocolate chips.Drink this coffee hot.

Viennese Coffee

best coffee in the world

This drink is adored in Austria, Germany, and indeed in almost all countries of Central Europe. Viennese coffee is prepared for a very simple recipe, but it is interesting is served – the usual strong black coffee with milk (sugar, more refined – not included) is served with a glass of cold water. Why water? It’s simple: caffeine dehydrates, after strong coffee is often thirsty.

Ayskaffe or coffee ice-cream in German

best coffee in the world

The German version of the cold coffee deserves a separate place in the ranking of the best coffees in the world. Why not? First of all, interesting way of cooking – in a hot black coffee with no sugar added ice cream and syrup, then cooled rapidly. Second, this coffee is served, too, very nice – in a huge glass with waffles and chocolate chips.Try a piece of culinary art is possible only in Germany and elsewhere in such a way to drink coffee somehow did not catch on. Because the name remained typically German – Eiskaffee, ayskaffe, iced coffee in German.

Irish Coffee

best coffee in the world

Irish coffee is worthy of places in the ranking of the best coffees in the world, if only because he is one of the most popular cocktail in the world. However, it should not be drinking in the morning: Still Irish Whiskey – it will not lemonade. And coffee is poured Irish whiskey generously into 4 pieces of black strong coffee – 2 of at least a strong and fragrant Irish whiskey. Irish Coffee is decorated with whipped cream, and served frequently in the glasses, cups and even … beer mugs.

Turkish coffee

best coffee in the world

Coffee Classics, something languid and viscous, passionate and bitter. The dark liquid flows into the fire just in the heart, reduces spasm jaw and clarifying ideas. Turkish coffee drink there, and those who do not like sugar and despises milk, cream and squeamish do not understand, why kill a poisonous drink the soul divine, to whom is given power to inspire and awaken rage? Turkish coffee to drink out of tiny cups, piping hot, cooked just to the copper Turk / Cezve of fragrant roasted and freshly ground beans. Make this coffee is not easy, but to enjoy the taste, you need to know a simple secret – do not drink coffee at once, give the midst of settling to the bottom.

Latte makkyato

best coffee in the world

Italian recipe for one of the best coffee in the world says: Take a lot of milk, lots of cream, sugar, chocolate, and one small cup of espresso. Combine ingredients in a large (or very large) glass, garnish with milk foam on top, grated chocolate, serve a spoonful of ice cream … right latte makkyato be foliated, which barista is seeking a simple way, pouring coffee into the milk last, through a hole in the milk foam. Hence the name: makkyato Italian – a little speck. In makkyato latte, you can add a drop of liquor, but you can do, can be served warm or hot, and cakes. You can drink in the morning, noon and night – sleep a drink does not hurt, because it is more milk than coffee.However, it is very, very tasty milk.


best coffee in the world

If you see a cup of coffee with a nice pattern on the surface of a dense foam, you know – before you hard and fragrant makkyato. One of the favorite recipes of coffee in Italian restaurants, makkyato – it is an espresso with a small amount of foamed milk.Do not confuse it with a latte makkyato, its soft and fluffy, but a very distant relative.This makkyato stern and passionate, he was an Italian who does not accept the cosmopolitan, who remained faithful to the narrow streets of medieval towns, who still lives close to the kitchen and reveals her secrets wise matrons. They say makkyato likes of Sophia Loren. And, of course, by drawing on the foam makkyato love to eat – and how such a spectacular presentation!


best coffee in the world

This will order an Italian cappuccino is never later than 11 hours – still, after all he’s going to sleep at night, and not considered stars! Very strong, very hot … and very popular. Cappuccino is so widely dispersed across the world, even in some ways lost its Italian roots. He was, of course, is still served in a porcelain dish warm with milk foam decorated with chocolate shavings and cocoa, prepared on the basis of espresso and milk, but somehow all wrong. ”I have a cheeseburger, a large potato and cappuccino!” – Well, not sound, you will agree.


best coffee in the world

Coffee, which is prepared on the basis of a dozen other non-coffee drinks, deserves to be the best coffee in the world, is not it? It is drunk everywhere, in every corner of the globe can order an espresso and you bring coffee made just the way they do. With its tart character and strength of birth – espresso hot water under pressure through finely chased grind coffee beans – coffee helps to look into the essence of things, causes the brain to think, and eyes to see. However, coffee contains a lot of caffeine, so it is worth considering when it makes sense to drink it.

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    I enjoyed hearing about Germany’s Ayskaffe. Now I know what to call my favorite ice cream drink.

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    thanks for sharing! I just LOVE cofee

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