Wintertime = Cuddletime

published by Rinny08 on Nov 2, 2011

My Top five list of things we should appreciate when cold weather comes.

For many people who experience the change of seasons, winter brings on the dreaded conditions, including cold, precipitation, and dangerous roads. Many others, however, look forward to the change and all of the lovely things we can appreciate when winter weather comes.

As the cold weather approaches on the East Coast (even had our first snow fall already!) here is a list of cold weather activities you might learn to fancy.

1. Cuddletime. Grab your kids, your dogs, the one you love, and snuggle up! One of my favorite things about the cold weather is that it is not at all bothersome to absorb someone, or something, else’s body heat. The touch is comforting, and it’s a cheaper source of heat!

2. Hot Chocolate. The steam rising from the cup, the fluffy white mallows melting, the slight burning of the touch at the first sip…if there is one thing I love more than cuddling, it’s hot chocolate. My favorite is the mix, Swiss Miss Low-Calorie – at just 5 calories per packet, it’s a deliciously warm and guilt free!

3. Winter Accessories. Hats, Scarves, Warmers, Gloves, Mittens, Boots, you name it! I love mixing and matching colors and styles. Hats are a fun way to express your personality while staying warm, and you can’t beat the opportunity to have a little fun with fashion in the cold weather!

4. Sledding. EVen if you prefer to be inside, when it snows, you have to let your inner child come out to play in the snow. Sledding is my absolute favorite winter weather activity, because it is a simple, cheap, and easy thrill. Be careful, but have fun!


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