Top 10 Most Popular Filipino Chicken Meals/recipes

published by AJames on Nov 10, 2012

Chicken is one of the most popular sources of human food. Chickens are widely grown worldwide and as a matter of fact, there are more chickens in the world than humans. Most chickens that are raised are hybrid although there is still a large population of native chicken.

 In the Philippines, most Filipinos love chicken. Here are the most popular chicken foods in the country.

1. Chicken Adobo or Adobong Manok

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Chicken Adobo, especially native chicken, is probably one of the most popular chicken foods in the Philippines. Chicken meat which are cut into serving sizes are sautéed in garlic, onion and laurel leaf. It is seasoned with soy sauce, msg and ground black pepper. If you like it hot and spicy, simply add chopped siling labuyo or red chili.

2. Roasted Chicken or Litsong Manok

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Roasted Chicken is popularly known in the Philippines as Litson Manok. It can be oven-roasted or cook on charcoal. Roasted

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Chicken or Litson Manok is usually eaten by dipping it in a sauce called “sarsa” – a mixture of cooked flour or ground biscuit, ground chicken or pork liver and other ingredients. It is readily available all over the archipelago anytime and any day of the year.

3. Fried Chicken or Pritong Manok

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Fried Chicken or Pritong Manok is without a doubt a very popular chicken food. It is available in almost all fast food chains and anywhere else. If served in fast food restaurants, it is usually eaten by dipping it in the so-called “gravy”.

4. Chicken Barbeque

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Marinated chicken for B-B-Q

Chicken Barbecue is a very popular chicken food in the Philippines. In the Visayas, it is called Chicken Inasal from which the fastest growing fast food chain Mang Inasal was named.

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Marinated chicken breast, chicken wings and legs are grilled and eaten by dipping in a mixture of soy sauce with calamansi juice and other condiments such as catsup and others.

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5. Pinaupo sa Asin

Pinaupo sa Asin is a unique chicken recipe from the Philippines. Young hen called “dumalaga” in the Tagalog dialect is the preferred choice for Pinaupo sa Asin. Literally, it means “seated in salt”. It is cook in a low fire in a pot with salt.

6. Tinola

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Tinola is a type of stew and is one of the best chicken Filipino recipes. This classical recipe is sautéed with ginger, onion and garlic. A liter of water is added and is seasoned with fish sauce or salt and msg. Green papaya fruit cut into pieces and chili tops are also added. Native chicken is best for Tinola.

7. Sinampalukang Manok  

Another type of popular Filipino stew is Sinampalukang Manok. This chicken recipe can be literally translated as “soured chicken”. It is cook in the same manner as the Tinola but instead of adding papaya fruit and chili tops, tamarind powder or tamarind tops or fruits are added making it taste sour.

8. Chicken Caldereta

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Chicken Caldereta is actually a recipe for goat meat but can be applied also for beef, pork and chicken.  Sautee chicken with garlic and onion and add coconut milk and simmer until chicken are tender. Add fish sauce or salt to taste and add in carrots, potatoes and bell pepper.

9. Chicken Curry

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Chicken Curry is an adopted Filipino recipe from Indian cuisines which is known for curry recipes. Chicken Curry is cook like Chicken Caldereta but instead of adding coconut milk, curry is added. The same vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and bell pepper can also be added.

10. Dinuguang Manok

Dinuguang Manok or “blooded chicken” is an exotic Filipino chicken food. Chicken meat, including chicken internal organs, is chopped into small pieces and sautéed with ginger, garlic and onion. Fresh chicken blood is then added and flavored with ground black pepper, msg and salt to taste.

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