Easy Tuna Casserole: Kraft Mac and Cheese

published by rea.rae13 on Sep 27, 2009

How to make Kraft mac, and cheese Tuna casserole. Serves a family of 4-6+.

Things you need:

1. 2 boxese of kraft mac and cheese.

2. 2 cans of .

3. 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken.

4.  1 can of peas.

5.  a large sauce .

6. 2 casserole disses oven safe.

1. water in suace pot and beging to boil the water.

2. Add mac and cheese to cook.

3. follow the box to make mac & cheese

4. per heat oven to 360.

5.  After mac and & cheese is made, add tuna, peas and the soup and  mix, ( turn the slove on a low setting)

6. Add the mac & chesse mix to the casserole dishes and place in oven  for 15 Minutes.

7. Enjoy.

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