Eating Dim Sum First Time

published by UncleSammy on Feb 19, 2011

Dim sum is Cantonese cuisine an old custom. Transliterated as "touch the heart," dim sum has become the standard treatment for an informal breakfast or lunch.

Dim sum is Cantonese cuisine an old custom. Transliterated as “touch the heart,” dim sum has become the standard treatment for an informal breakfast or lunch. Standard treat almost all the Chinese restaurants and dim sum are small dishes, especially food which is usually pushed on trolleys or dishes that are brought to the table by a server. Dim sum is the benefit that can be enjoyed by all, from an intimate gathering of two groups, which in many eaters. Dim Sung allows “small” serving table. Here are some you have to do is to have an enjoyable experience for beginners.

Selection of Dim Sum restaurant

New dim sum diners would do well to consult the locals or friends of the best places in town. It is common belief that two dim sum restaurants are always the same. Dim sum gourmets tend to beat the best, we reserve the best places to travel to a special diet. The maxim that “the most populous of the restaurant, good food” is often true in the case of dim sum. Many restaurants serve dim sum all day, while a number used only in the mornings, afternoons only, or weekends only. These restaurants can be busy on weekends so be prepared to wait for a table. Although dim sum restaurants serve a similar sample at each location will be a unique style of preparation. In addition, a dim sum place can offer the specialties you can find anywhere else.

Waitress Dim Sum

Since the restaurant servers are assigned to push food carts and carrying trays for multiple tables, each table is assigned a boy who drinks and teas can be ordered. Upon being seated, the waiter comes in and starts pouring tea or water for everyone. The server can also answer any questions on pricing and help with packing containers for leftovers.

Pricing of items Dim Sum

For sampling their first dim sum, probably the most confusing for the price of goods. In general, the menus do not list prices for items, like cars have a touch of pricing. Some places may provide an overview of prices near the door of the price lists depending on the size of the dish, such as small, medium, large, or a specialty, but often do not indicate that food is classified in each group in size.

The regulars were given a card the size of a pamphlet boxes. The server traverses the boxes to make a preview of what the customer ordered. After dinner, presentation of the card to the customer at the counter of billing and payment. Unfortunately, it is difficult to calculate the total bill before it is required for registration. Feel free to ask the server on the prices of specific dishes. It is also a good idea to ask the Treasurer, on the advice and the costs already included in the bill.

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    Dim Sum is a kind of food that you can eat light and healthy. :-)

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