Fishing Offshore in The Gulf of Mexico (The Forgotten Coast)

published by CletaB on Jul 1, 2011

It’s Red Snapper season – now through July 18th. Fishing for red snapper has been reduced to only 48 days this year.

Stock in the Gulf of Mexico has stabilized and improved over the past two years, according to Shannon Tompkins of the Houston Chronicle.  Fishing regulations imposed over the past couple of decades on recreational and commercial snapper fishers helped stem, then reverse, what was in the 1980s and ’90s, a sobering plummet of the red snapper population in the Gulf.

Easily one of the more popular fish to catch and eat in the Gulf of Mexico is the Red Snapper.  It was so named because of its red skin and eyes.  The record for the largest Red Snapper caught in the Annual Fishin’ Fiesta tournament in Freeport, Texas was in 1992 by C.R. Penney (Houston) with a weight of 34.12 lbs.

Tarpon is also another popular fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico.  Tarpon off of the Texas Gulf Coast are as big as any in the world, excluding Africa.  The largest tarpon caught in the Annual Fishin’ Fiesta tournament was back in 1962 by John Barton (Freeport) with a size of 7′-1/2″.  The best time to fish  for tarpon is in the fall and spring.

  The Blue Marlin is one of the largest fish in the Gulf of Mexico.  The largest blue marlin on record at the Fishin’ Fiesta tournament was set by Carl Hutchins (Humble) with a whopping 594.45 lbs.  Female marlins are larger than males.  No doubt this was a female!

Tuna (sorry Charley) is also a popular fish in the Gulf.  Blackfin and yellowfin tuna are the two top tuna species found in the Gulf of Mexico.  The record for the largest tuna caught at the Fishin’ Fiesta tournament was 190 lbs. set by Carl Vaughan III (Bridge Harbor) in 1985.  

For more information about the Fishin’ Fiesta – CLICK HERE!

The best fishing is in the warm months of the year.  I believe we are here!  If you enjoy fishing or eating fish, this just might be your most favorite time of the year!  Fish is one of the best sources for protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  

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