Hcg Diet Foods You Can Eat

published by QuyQuQUy on Feb 23, 2011

Hcg diet foods you can eat.

hcg diet foods you can eat

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 The HCG diet was not known for its narrow habits that put on a diet. When I started the diet I thought “Hey, this is not so bad.” But then some other days in the program she realizes that she eats the same thing every day and she gets sick of it. Fortunately I found some ways to confuse the food.

1. Take a series of programs about what you eat on certain days.

This is the first method I tried. It helped a little bit knowing that I did not want to have chicken for lunch and dinner for 3 days straight. I started with chicken for lunch and fish for dinner. Then I’d do the sirloin for lunch and chicken for dinner. I kept a model very similar to this for about a week and found a very effective but not as much as I wanted.

2. Experiment with different foods.

Certainly this is the food of the diet of HCG. Do not rush out and grab a pizza and throw some chicken on it and call it experimenting. What I mean by this is the discovery of a list of ingredients you can eat and can start to mix and match. One of the ideas I got used to the miracle of simpletons and the shrimp. I used the sauce for the sauce instead of approved anything like spaghetti sauce or alfredo.

3. Find a recipe online guide.

There are several guides on the internet that are for people like you and me which takes all the guess work and projects structured to eat out of the picture. I am a person bell’occupa between work and home life that I have not the time to sit down and write out a program or experiment too much with what I eat. I found one of the HCG diet recipes online guide that gave me ideas that I never even thought of. The recipes were delicious and I was never tired of what I ate.

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