How Long Do You Broil Steak Tips

published by M.U.K on Dec 16, 2010

How long do you broil steak tips.

How long do you broil steak tips

Steak is one of those meats that commands careful attention as everyone enjoys it cooked to a different degree. Broiling is one of the best methods for steak because you remain in control so follow these tips and you will be able to cook the perfect steak.


Choose the right grade – USDA Choice is what you should be looking for. Make sure the meat is firm to touch, bright in colour and moist. There should be a good distribution but not overloading of fat marbling.  Next choose the right cut. The sirloin is the most tender and juicy but cuts as porterhouse, t-bone, rib eye, Delmonico and filet mignons all produce great steaks if cooked properly. Boned steaks are said to have more taste and on all cuts, ageing can enhance flavour.


Marinating any meat will enhance juiciness and tenderness and add specific flavour if desired. Choose your marinade then leave your steak in it overnight (cover it or put it in a sealed bag/box) in the refrigerator.


There are two kinds of broiling – oven broiling and pan broiling. Oven is obviously inside the oven which is set to broil temperatures. Pan broiling is stovetop cooking with high, dry heat. Oven broiling is better for less tender cuts but never cook steak in liquid. For a pan broil you should use a griddle or a heavy skillet.

Start by searing your steak on both sides. Searing is using very high heat to caramelize the sugars and brown the proteins which is all about color and flavor and not trapping the juices which is a cooking myth.  After searing put your steak in to oven broil or turn the heat down under the pan and cook for the required length of time.

Here’s a rough guideline for a 1 inch thick steak:

Rare – 7 minutes

Medium – 9 minutes

Well done – 14 minutes.

Turn steak over at the halfway point. (Do not turn more than once). Check by using the press test. A well done steak should feel the same as when you press the flesh directly under your thumb joint on your splayed hand, a rare steak like the feel of flesh midway into your hand from the thumb joint and a medium should release to the same pressure as midway between the other two points.

Once cooked, tuck in and enjoy!


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