How to Make an Edible Parmesan Cheese Salad Bowl

published by SueDoeNim on Apr 30, 2009

Edible parmesan cheese salad bowls will impress your dinner guests and leave you with no salad bowls to wash, and they taste great!

Making edible parmesan cheese salad bowls is a sure way to impress your dinner guests. Plus, they’re easy to make and you won’t have any salad bowls to wash at the end of the meal.

All you need to make edible parmesan cheese salad bowls is: shredded parmesan cheese, a crepe pan (or similar frying pan) and beverage glasses.

Heat crepe pan to med-high and spread the shredded parmesan cheese evenly in the bottom of the pan. You may need to spray the crepe pan with non-stick cooking spray first.

Allow the parmesan cheese to cook for a minute or two until the edges of the cheese are lightly brown.

Remove the hot parmesan cheese with a spatula and invert it over an the bottom of a beverage glass. Have the beverage glasses inverted and lined up for how ever many parmesan cheese salad bowls you will be making.

The hot parmesan cheese will take on the shape of a salad bowl as it conforms to the bottom of the beverage glass. Making a unique, crispy and delicious salad bowl. Allow to fully cool before removing.

These edible parmesan cheese salad bowls can be made ahead of time. Place pieces of wax paper between each parmesan cheese salad bowl after they have cooled completely, stack and store in an air tight container for up to a week.

Change the beverage glass size to suit the size of parmesan cheese bowl you want to make.

Add other flavors to the parmesan cheese like herbs or nuts just after you place the shredded parmesan cheese in the crepe pan.

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