Cream Dory Recipe

published by femnav9 on Jun 30, 2011

Another recipe for cream dory fish fillet.

 Cream Dory Fish Fillet


Cream Dory Fish Fillet

Sesame Oil


Cracked Black Pepper

Oyster Sauce

A little amount of water

Chinese Pechay 


Put sesame oil in a pan, add in the cream dory fillet then put a small amount of salt according to your taste, add in cracked black pepper, oyster sauce , a small amount of water to moisture the fish., after that, place the cooked fish in a platter set aside for a while then put a small amount of water again to the pan, Add in, the chinese pechay to cook. Then put over the half-cooked chinese pechay to  cream dory fish fillet and then serve with rice.

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