How to Take The Lumps Out of Holiday Turkey Gravy

published by CinCin on Oct 13, 2011

A easy way to take those lumps out of homemade turkey gravy.

Making that perfect homemade holiday gravy is the golden ring of cooking. Try as many do, getting that perfect thick and creamy turkey gravy is a dream to be fulfilled. This year, it is going to be easy to make the best turkey gravy. You will have your guests want to know your secret. Bon Appétit!

Ingredients needed — fresh is better


Chick broth


Turkey pan drippings

Utensils needed

Small mixing bowl




Measuring cup

Measuring spoons

Small pot

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Bring your turkey drippings to a boil over a high heat in a small pot. Add half a cup of water and a half a cup of chicken broth to the pan. Bring the gravy back to a boil.

Measure 2 tablespoon of flour and a little warm water or turkey dripping into a small bowl. Mix flour and water well until you have a thick creamy liquid. Pouring into the pan of turkey drippings and continue to stir with a whisk. As the gravy begins to thicken, reduce heat to a simmer.

Fill a blender with half of the gravy and process until the gravy is smooth. This process will not only get rid of those large flavor turkey bits from the pan, but also smooth out those flour lumps that didn’t quick get mixed properly.

Pour processed half of gravy into a gravy boat, using a fine-mesh strainer. Process the rest of the gray the same way. 

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