Nutritional and Other Benefits of Cow Hoof Stew

published by gaby7 on Apr 15, 2012

Some sections of Ugandans go after Hoof stew because they believe it boosts manhood and increases male valor in bed.

Delicacies are as many as there are cultures. In the case of Uganda, cow hoof stew is perhaps, one of those delicacies sought after by men and women of all walks of life. Folks are aware that hooves on the table are a bit demeaning to eat in full view, so you do not see this dish sold in classic restaurants! Many of the joints that sell the hoof stews do their trade in the cover of darkness and it is not surprising that those who take local millet brews, commonly known as “Malwa” are the best customers of hoof stew

How it is prepared

Hoof stew is normally cooked in a tradition clay pot. The tendons that characterize  a typical cow hoof demands that this cow part is cooked under intense heat so that the ligaments and other tough hoof muscles are soft and tender enough to fall off the bones.

Nutritional and other benefits of hoof stew

  • Hoof stew is a preferred dish by the low income Ugandans because first of all it is very pocket friendly and generally despised by the rich. But we all know that poor are the masses and they make great economic sense to the dealers in this trade.
  • Research also shows that hooves of cows are rich gelatinous gristle, a jelly and rich substance that binds the sauce and adds to the stew-like appearance of the soup. This has been the driving force making hoof stew very palatable to those who go after it.
  • Those suffering from gout in this country have repeatedly been advised to eat hoof stew because they have healing effect on sufferers. The gelatinous properties in hoof stew are believed to penetrate the bones and relieve gout and other joint related pains.
  • Some sections of Ugandans go after Hoof stew because they believe it boosts manhood and increases male valor in bed.

It should be noted that at the joints where hoof stews are sold around the suburbs of Kampala, are also places where other animal parts such as pig hooves are  prepared as take-aways, pig ears, tails of cows, tongues of cows and whole heads of goats are all sold at affordable prices for low income Ugandans who cannot afford a kilo of beef for their families!


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