Tips for Remaining Safe From The Bad Effects of Cool Breezes of Winter Season

published by Muhammad Irfan Zafar on Jan 12, 2012

Catarrh, flu, cold and fever are some of the common diseases that prevail due to cool breezes especially in the winter season. This season demand us to take special care of our family. If somebody in your house has been affected by cold, fever, catarrh, flu etc. do no worry about it at all. Below are given some diets that can give relief from the bad effects of this season.

These diseases reveal themselves with the changing weather. Anybody can get caught of these diseases anytime put breaks on your speedy life. It becomes difficult to carry on with your everyday chores of life. Children also become affected. Office workers also become worried that how they would perform their responsibilities while sneezing all day along. How they would attend the meetings.

In these conditions everybody wants to get relief of these diseases through medication as soon as possible. Medical checkup is important but alongside such diet is also necessary that can enhance the resistance power against these diseases, such as nutritious diets and hot soups can keep you safe from flu in the cold weather.

  • Vitamin C strengthens the resistance power of the body and is helpful in absorption of Iron. Therefore you should include diets that have abundance of Vitamin C, such as guavas, oranges, tomatoes, cherries, capsicums and cabbages etc.
  • Kino (a form of orange) is the best gift of winter season. It protects us from the severity of winter season. Usage of one Kino daily is the best source of getting Vitamin C. Oranges also keeps the same benefits.
  • Guavas have more vitamin C as compared to oranges. In half bowl of guava, there is 88 mg of vitamin C. There is more benefit in eating raw fruit.

  • Always use capsicum in a Salad. There is 142 mg of Vitamin C in a half bowl of capsicum.
  • Remedy of flu is present in the kitchen. I mean Chicken Soup. Its usage also gives relief from fatigue besides restricting flu. Its pleasant taste removes the bitterness of mouth. It also helps in breathing well. Immediate energy can be sought from it. You can also put noodles or vegetables in chicken soup.
  • In order to provide instant energy to your body, use foods such as soup of mutton, beef or mutton bones soup, curry of meat, fruit, salad, almonds and honey.
  • Taking tea is very common in cities. Use herbal tea in flu. Take one cinnamon, 6 cloves and 4 black peppers for making a coffee and drink it. You will feel great relief.
  • One feels exhaustion due to continuous work and when you are under the influence of flu, you must fulfill your sleep. You will feel fit after some hours.
  • In case of throat pain and in order to clear the congested nose, take an open mouthed bowl and put steam evaporated water in it. Mix half spoonful of vicks (a flu ointment) in it. Now put is on the table and breathe through throat and nose till five minutes. It will treat the throat pain and will clear the nose and you will feel relief.

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