Tortilla Pie with Chicken

published by Derloris Yvette Clay on Jul 12, 2014

Nice decadent delicious_healthy_eating.

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Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken

published by Derloris Yvette Clay on Jul 11, 2014

Savory flavored chicken, mouthwatering.

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Recipe – Snickerdoodle Bread

published by suz59330 on Jul 10, 2014

You love the cookies – now try the bread!

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Here is a great treat if you have a sweet tooth, and happen to be a person who drools over chocolate and especially like chocolate and walnuts together.

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When planning a weekend full of fun activities to do with dad, forego the typical eggs and bacon breakfast and try something a little bit healthier. With the hot sun beginning to shine, a cold, crisp bowl of fruit, along with some yogurt and granola, is a great way to start the day.

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BAR Cookies

published by Bambi Brown on May 4, 2014


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This delicious recipe has a special twist that I stumbled upon one day when I was out of chocolate chips for my cookies.

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published by Joanne009 on Apr 10, 2014

Easy make cookies.

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Not the few times in our kitchen disaster lurking just when we least expect it and you should find an immediate solution or else we do all laughing with food cooked fudge and served only to cover the table with something of the form.

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A very delicious recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies you won’t find anywhere else! This is my absolute favorite cookie recipe.

Written by Li Gold.

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