Navigate the culinary world with a new book, perfect for foodies, that features little-known food facts and original recipes like this one for Soupwiches.

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Why can’t I find my favorite for making cupcakes?

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Review of Tops Brand Pre-cooked Bacon

published by Steve H. on Jul 11, 2012

I had a chance to try this while on vacation. Read to find out what I thought of it.

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Review of Snappy Microwave Popcorn

published by Steve H. on Jun 15, 2012

I found this for $1. Read to find out what I thought of it.

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Grocery Saving Tips

published by yusfy123 on Apr 6, 2012

How often do you shop groceries in large quantities? If this has become a habit, of course, you also used to store food in the refrigerator. Risks commonly encountered, rotting food because not immediately cooked and too long stored in the refrigerator.

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Waste not, want not!

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Review of Farmland Center Cut Pork Chops

published by Steve H. on Dec 23, 2011

I bought these for dinner last night. Read to find out what I thought of them.

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Product review of the Walmart Lasagna I purchased and ate tonight.

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The Affordable Recipe collection is a work-in-progress for larger families who could use to save a little money on grocery bills. All recipes are designed to feed four people or more.

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These vegetables are especially healthy and easy to prepare. You can prepare these healthy vegetables for your family and know you are doing something good for everyone. They are a little off the beaten tracks so I have included delicious recipes for your convenience. It’s so easy to prepare a healthy dinner and know your kids are getting all the good vitamins and minerals their growing bodies need. Try a different vegetable at least once a week when you go grocery shopping.

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