A French Style Breakfast Combo Meal

published by shavkat on Jan 14, 2013

The sweetest way to please your loved one is to prepare breakfast in bed.

After long weekdays of working, the weekends are the best time to start a good breakfast in bed. The initiative is to explore the different style of frying eggs, fries and toasting breads. It could bring the sweet smile in the morning. A distinct French accent will bring the reality of this kind of meal.

French Fried Eggs


2 pcs eggs

2 tbsp margarine

1 tbsp vinegar


1. Heat the pan with the margarine, then mix with vinegar.

2. Crack the egg and drop it in the pan until it cooks.

3. Ready to serve.

French Fries


1 pc egg (scrambled)

10 crashed seeds of garlic

1/4 kilo of pork meat, cut into cubes

6 pcs large size potatoes

1 bell pepper sliced into small bits

1 pc onion bulb

1/2 cup tomato sauce

5-6 cups of rice

1 cup of water



   Pepper (powder)

   Veggies (desired)


1. Fried the eggs, sliced into strips.

2. Sautee the crashed garlics, onions and the pork meat. Add the water to soften the pork meat.

3. Add the other mixtures: tomato sauce, salt, sugar, ground pepper and disired veggies. Boil it for approximately 5 minutes.

4. Then add the rice and mix it thoroughly.

5. Serve the meal with the shredded eggs as toppings.

French Toast


4 pcs loaf breads

1 cup of fresh milk

4 tbsp margarine

2 eggs


1. Press a cup-size circle at the center of the bread to make a hole.

2. Dip the bread with hole in fresh milk.

3. Prepare the Teflon pan, slow fire with margarine. Fry the bread until it turns to golden brown, after which flip the other side of the bread. Then put the egg at the hole of the bread.

4. Then toast another bread to serve as the base of the bread.

5. Repeat the step 1 to 4 for the other 2 pieces of bread.

6. Ready to serve.

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