A Simple Soursop Dessert

published by DanZimmermann on Nov 15, 2010

Annona muricata, the soursop, is a delicious tropical fruit. It is the main ingredient of a delicious dessert.

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     Many tropical fruits have a delicious flavor. Oranges and lemons have a universal appeal. So do bananas. Not everyone has the opportunity to taste mangos or papayas, but they are equally delicious. The durian also has a fine flavor if you can stand its odor.

     Another lesser known tropical fruit bears the scientific name “Annona muricata.” Its common name in English is “soursop.” It is a fairly large fruit. Bigger specimens have a mass greater than two to four oranges put together. Its skin is green and rough to touch, but it is easy to peel. Its taste is pleasantly tart.

     Here is an excellent homemade recipe for soursop dessert invented by an excellent cook:

     Peel a soursop and remove the tough cylindrical structure that runs through the center of the fruit. Mash the pulp. The fruit contains many small seeds about the size of a pea. You may remove them if you are uncommonly ambitious, but the seeds are more easily removed as the dessert is eaten.

     Then add ½ cup of condensed milk and about ¼ cup of ground peanuts. Sprinkle sugar if desired. Mix the ingredients together, chill, and serve.

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