Vegetables are Important

published by keapor on Jan 29, 2013

Your parents always say "eat those vegetable" but you say that they are gross. Well here is why you should eat those vegetables.

Sweet Potatoes -

Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, which is important for vision as well as skin, nail, & hair health. It also helps the body fend off bacterial infections. The orange veggie is also high in potassium, which helps heart & kidney function & facilitates muscle contractions. Potassium also regulates blood pressure & keeps body fluids in balance. Vitamin C is also present in high levels in this vegetable. Vitamin C promotes healing & helps the body fight infection; it also keeps blood vessel walls & gums healthy. Sweet potatoes contain calcium as well, which helps build strong bones & teeth & is necessary for healthy muscle & nerve functions. Vitamin B6, which helps the body metabolize carbohydrates & proteins, is also present in high levels in sweet potatoes. Vitamin B6 also promotes healthy nerves & helps the body form red blood cells. Sweet potatoes are nice sources of fiber, copper, & plenty of other vitamins & minerals. In addition, sweet potatoes are low in calories, are fat-free, & have a low glycemic load, meaning they are digested slowly (making the consumer feel fuller for longer). Sweet Potatoes are delicious when baked & eaten plain (without butter). They may even be used in soups & stir-fries.

Tomatoes -

The presence of antioxidants in tomatoes is said to be helpful in cleansing poisonous compounds from the body. Lycopene, present in tomatoes, has been known to neutralize free radicals in the body and cut the risk of prostate cancer. Those who eat raw tomatoes have been found to be at a much lesser risk of developing rectal, colon or stomach cancer. It is believed that tomatoes block the effects of nitrosamines and thus, reduce the risk of lung cancer. Researches have suggested that eating tomatoes might help reduce the risk of heart assault. The vitamin K present in tomatoes helps in keeping the bones strong and healthy. It also helps prevent hemorrhages. Consuming raw tomato on a regular basis can help improve the texture of your skin and add glow. Tomatoes have been recognized throughout the world, for their blood purifying properties. In case you are suffering from congestion of the liver, having tomatoes will show to be beneficial. Tomatoes are known to help protect the liver from cirrhosis and can dissolve gallstones as well. Being a natural antiseptic, tomatoes can help protect the body against various common infections. The nicotinic acid in tomatoes is credited with reducing blood cholesterol, which in turn helps keep heart diseases at bay. Studies have shown that consumption of tomatoes and tomato-based products may prevent serum lipid oxidation and reduce the risk of macular degenerative disease. When applied topically, tomato pulp can help heal sunburn, wounds and sores. Tomatoes can also help the body prevent diarrhea and soothe eye irritation as well. Tomatoes have been found to have positive effects in case of illnesses like constipation, diabetes, indigestion, intestinal disorders and jaundice. Pregnant ladies, suffering from morning illness, will benefit from tomato consumption. In case you are suffering from liver disorders, night blindness, obesity and urinary tract infection, try having tomatoes everyday. Tomatoes , which are actually fruit, are lovely in salads and on sandwiches. Cherry tomatoes make great raw snacks. And pasta sauce is a lovely source of tomato nutrients.

Green Peas -

Peas are rich in protein & carbohydrates but low in fats. They are a lovely source of fiber & iron as well as vitamins A & C. Peas are rich in water-soluble fiber which helps promote lovely intestinal health &, by binding with cholesterol, helps excrete it. They are also rich in thiamin (vitamin B1). This vitamin is essential for energy productions, nerve function & carbohydrate metabolism. Green Peas are best eaten raw ( snow peas) or lightly steamed. Add fresh peas to salads (including chicken & pasta salad), soups & stir-fries.

Carrots -

It is of the foods richest in beta-carotene, which is a vitamin A precursor. Our body transforms it in to vitamin A. The carotene has an antioxidant property which may reduce the risk of definite cancers. Carrots help keep your skin healthy & improve your eyesight, night vision. Carrots also help maintain our intestinal tracts. They are rich in fiber which helps to protect against colon cancer. This vegetable will help boost your immune process & lower your risk of lung cancer. Carrots will also assist in lowering blood levels of cholesterol. Carrots are naturally sweet & ideal for grating in to salads. Infant carrots also make lovely raw snacks

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